Monday, 11 July 2011

The meeting kicked off this morning with welcoming remarks and an update on the latest developments in Oceans at NY by the Director of DOALOS Mr. Tarassenko. This was followed by Mr. Bailet’s (UN/DOALOS) introductory and the Alumni Representative, Ms. Garcia (Colombia).

Theme: Maritime Boundary Delimitation

The first lecture was on Maritime Boundary Delimitation provided by Ms. Onwuasoanya (UN/DOALOS), followed by a lecture on Boundary Delimitation in the Mozambique Channel by Mr. Jamine (Mozambique) and on The Use of Straight Baselines in the Delimitation of the Comoros given by Mr. Mohammad (Comoros).

After the lunch time, the session begun with a presentation by Ms. Onwuasoanya (UN/DOALOS) on Maritime Boundary Delimitation Negotiation and Best Practices with some comments of Mr. Tarassenko (UN/DOALOS); followed by a lecture of Mr. Tanga from Cameroon presenting some Regional Aspects of Maritime Boundary Delimitation in the Gulf of Guinea and Mr. Sharveen Persand related with the Maritime Boundary delimitation for the Seychelles and the Seychelles’s A76 submission to the CLCS.

Finally, Mr. Kibiwot (Kenya) spoke about the principal issues of Maritime Boundary Delimitation on Kenya. To end the productive session Mr. Adi, moderator of this first day, provided a summary of the main substantive elements of the day’s presentations.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Theme: Maritime Security

The morning session started with a lecture by the Director of DOALOS, Mr. Tarassenko, on Maritime Security and Piracy.

After the coffee break a current fellow from Djibouti, Mr. Djama, gave a presentation on the System of Piracy, which was followed by a intensive discussion on the various aspects of piracy including legal, socio-economic and political.

After lunch, Mr. Costa Alegre (Sao Tome and Principe) spoke about the Implementation of the ISPS in his State. This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Tarassenko (UN/DOALOS) on Maritime Security and Piracy with focus on IUU Fishing.

Following the coffee break, Mr. Bitse Ekomo (Cameroon) presented on Maritime Security and Piracy in the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Guinea, followed by a presentation from Mr. Mienahou (Congo, D.R.) on Maritime Security: Piracy Issue and Central African Response.

 Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Theme: Environmental Based Fisheries Management and Ocean Governance

Day 3 started with Prof. Smolinsky conducting a cognitive exercise which changed the pace and had everyone laughing.

Dr. Long then gave his lecture on Fisheries Management providing a comprehensive overview of the status of the fisheries, the legal regimes, and management approaches. His lecture notes are also available.

After the coffee break, Dr. Long summarized the main points of his presentation. This was followed by a lecture by Mr. Kwadjosse (Ghana) on the Decline of Ghana’s Fisheries and the IUU Factor. To finish the morning session, Ms Agbeja (Nigeria) provided a lecture on the Advances of Fisheries Management in the Gulf of Guinea.

Based on the inputs of the morning presentations, the afternoon session started with a round table where all participants made comments related to fisheries management from their different points of view, posing questions and raising points to be discussed as a group. After an interesting discussion among all alumni, Dr. Long summarized the session.

Before the coffee break, the Director of DOALOS, Mr. Tarassenko, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Long (Ireland) and Prof. Smolinsky (USA) for their outstanding contribution to the program. The invaluable support of Ms. Garcia Chaves (Colombia) was also highlighted by the Director. Appreciation was also expressed to Mr. Bailet (UN/DOALOS) for organizing the event, and Ms. Onwuasoanya for her presentations and assistance. In closing, the Director thanked the Alumni for their contributions and congratulated them on their success.

Following the coffee break, Mr. Bailet opened the Ocean Governance segment with introductory remarks, which were followed by an Overview of the Coastal and Ocean Resources Management by Ms. Yona (Tanzania). This was followed by Mr. Akohou’s (Benin) presentation on . The final presentation of day 3 was provided by Ms. Akwilapo (Tanzania) on Coastal Management in Tanzania.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Theme: Alumni Professional Development

Prof. Smolinsky (USA) started the day having the alumni undergo another cognitive exercise. He then led the group into a highly interactive discussion on the dynamics of the group. The group then spent the rest of the morning discussing how it may organize itself and what it may undertake s common activities.

Thursday afternoon was a day of rest and reflection for the alumni, with some taking advantage of the opportunity to discover the Kenyan culture.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Theme: Alumni Professional and Network Development;
Ocean Governance and Cultural Heritage