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Alumni Contribution to interagency e-publication

The United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship Alumni has contributed to the first ocean-related interagency e-publication coordinated by UNDESA, which include international agencies such as CBD Secretariat, FAO, IAEA, IMO, UNDP, UNESCO-IOC, and DOALOS… The e-publication theme is on “Local and regional experiences: How oceans-related measures contribute to the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable […]

The United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship has 10 New Fellows

The SELCOM convened at the United Nations Headquaters in New York, USA, on 24 October 2013 and the composition was as follow : Representative for DOALOS : Ms. Gabriele Goettsche-Wanli (Director) Delegate Representative for DOALOS, SELCOM Chair : Mr. Francois Bailet (Senior Legal Advisor) Representative for The Nippon Foundation of Japan: Mr. Mitsuyuki Unno (Executive Director) Delegate Representative […]

The 2014-2015 Selection Committee has officially finished his work

The 2014-2015 Selection Committee process is officially finished with the selection of 10 news fellows over 100 of applications.  This year again the level of candidates has been incredible; most of candidates have shown excellent academic records, strong professional experiences and very interesting and detailed proposed researches.  The United Nations Nippon Foundation Fellowship Alumni will […]

The 2014-2015 SELCOM will start on 24th October in New York

The 2014-2015 United Nations Nippon Foundation Selection Committee will convene on 24th and 25th of October in the United Nations headquarter in New York.  For the first time, the Alumni Network, through his representative, will physically attend the Selection Committee and take part of the selection process. The representative will share his opinion on applications […]