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4th Session of the Working Party on Temperate Tunas (WPTmT) in Shanghai, China, 20-22 August 2012

The Working Party on Temperate Tunas will be held in Shanghai, CHINA during 20-22 August to review and analyse issues relevant to species of temperate tunas in particular Albacore. The more information can be acquired at http://www.iotc.org/English/meetings/wp/wptmtcurrent.php PS: I will attend the meeting and hope to meet some of us who will do so.

Alumni meeting in Barbados

Team Building On May22, 2010, the full day of alumni activities session had been conducted. There were several games activities that aimed to enhance the capacity of alumni in conducting teamwork and dealing with the negotiation situations. Knowing your team members: The game activities were started with the observation of team member’s responsive actions and […]

Alumni Meeting in Barbados

In the last day of the IOI session, Francois Bailet, the supervisor of the UN-Nippon fellowship programme, introduced the Oceans and Law of the Sea, Divisions of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea and the UN-Nippon Fellowship Programme to the participant of the IOI meeting including the website of them for accessing more information. […]

La-Caribbean Alumni meeting in Barbados

On the forth day of the meeting, the importance of delimitation of Exclusive Economic Zone and continental shelf in Territorial sea EEZ was presented in parallel with the view of its impact and because both EEZ and shelf boundaries are both to be delimited by the agreement and by the basis of international law in […]