Fellows 2014-15 Weekly News Update

Week 1 (1st– 4th April 2014)

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 2014-15 Fellows touched the ground running. Their first meeting as a group was on 1st April 2014, for their induction into the programme, where they were briefed by DOALOS Fellowship coordinators on the basic structure of the Fellowship and what was the expected delivery outcome.

To the fortune of the Fellows, the Working Group on the Marine Biodiversity Beyond Areas of National Jurisdiction (BBNJ), was taking place at the UN headquarters and the Fellows attended a number of side events pertaining to this meeting.

On Friday 4th April, Ms Mariana Rodriguez of Costa Rica, 2013-2014 Fellow had an interactive session with the group and she gave an overview of her experiences as a UN Japanese Nippon Fellow and tips on how to make the programme successful and more enjoyable.

Week 2 (7th-11th April 2014)

In week two, the Fellows were tasked to attend the Informal Consultations of State Parties to the UN Fish stocks Agreement from 7-8th April and to make a report on the meeting. The group was split into two and the report was a consolidated effort of both groups.

Later in the week Ms Valentina Germani briefed the Fellows on the functions of DOALOS and oriented them on the DOALOS website

Mr Famara Drammeh of The Gambia, 2013-14 Fellow, addressed the group on his tenure as a Fellow as well as on his area of research- Climate Change.

The Fellows also attended a brief for Yale students on the operations and functions of DOALOS. Later in the week Ms Susan Guord gave the Fellows a very instructive talk on the UN Library and documentation system and how to access the UN online resources.

Submitted by Major Chanju Mwale, Legal Officer, Malawi Defence Force, UN Nippon Foundation Fellow


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