On Climate Change: CCCCC Launches New Online Climate Risk Management Tool for the Caribbean

CCORAL banner The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) coordinates the Caribbean region’s response to climate change, working on effective solutions and projects to combat the environmental impacts of climate change and global warming. With already an impressive number of initiatives, it just launched a powerful tool: the Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation Tool (CCORAL).

CCORAL is an online tool for assisting Caribbean decision makers in assessing climate risks as part of their efforts to build climate resilience into their development policies, plans, programmes and projects. It outlines a step-by-step process to identify if an activity (project, programme, strategy, plan, policy or legislation) is influenced by, or vulnerable to, climate change; and it creates pathways for the identification and implementation of adaptation and mitigation options. Providing information at a regional and country level, currently only CARICOM countries can be selected individually when using CCORAL. However, it is possible to extend the tool to non-CARICOM Caribbean countries.

You can see a video of the launch of CCORAL at http://caribbeanclimateblog.com/2013/07/23/did-you-miss-the-launch-of-ccoral-heres-a-full-report-video/.

The tool is available at http://caribbeanclimate.bz/index.php?Itemid=166&option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper.

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