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Title Georg-Forster Fellowships
Categories Scholarship-Fellowship
Application Deadline 2015
Location Germany
Job Information

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation brings to our attention the generous Georg Foster Research Fellowship.

The Georg Forster Fellowship Programme is aimed at researchers from developing and transition countries, and funds research projects that contribute to transferring knowledge or methods to their respective home countries and thereby strengthen science and research in these countries. The programme is financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung, BMZ).

Eligible candidates include: postdoctoral researchers (up to 4 years after completion of doctorate) and experienced researchers (up to 12 years after  completion of doctorate). The duration of the fellowship is between 6 and 24 months for postdoctoral researchers and between 6 and 12 months for experienced researchers.

The fellowships can be applied for until mid-2015 (exact date TBD). Updated information can be found at the Humboldt Foundation website (

It should be mentioned that additional EU funds contributing to the fellowship will be used to provide improved family benefits such as a lump sum of at least 400 EUR for all the fellows who bring their children to Germany with them. Moreover, a subsidy towards childcare costs will help improve the balance between research work and family life. Alternatively, fellows who care themselves for children under the age of twelve while working on their research project will have the option to extend their fellowship by up to twelve months.

The fellowship will also include the option of a subsidy for pension provision in order to compensate for disadvantages associated with a fellowship compared to an employment contract. A bridging grant to cover periods of unemployment in Germany will be introduced for the same purpose.

Scientists who have been supported by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation with a research fellowship or award already, cannot apply for a Georg Forster Research Fellowship (HERMES) and its additional benefits.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is available to answer your questions at any time:

[email protected]


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Title Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Marine Biology (IDP)
Categories Scholarship-Fellowship
Start Date 2014-01-02
Location Galveston, Texas
Job Information

The lab of Ron Eytan, opening at Texas A&M, Galveston (TAMUG) in January 2014, is seeking outstanding and highly motivated PhD students. The lab studies the origin and maintenance of marine biodiversity, primarily in coral reef fishes, using genomic and computational methods. The lab has broad interests in phylogenomics and phylogeography, population genetics/genomics, and the geography and genetics of speciation in reef fishes. It works primarily in the Caribbean, but plan to expand to the Gulf of Mexico.

Current projects in the lab include 1) the study of hybrid breakdown in coral reef fishes, where we combine genomic data with live animal work, 2) cryptic speciation in Caribbean reef fishes, 3) using genomic data to track population fluctuations in reef fishes, 4) and phylogenomics, where they are sequencing hundreds to thousands of genetic markers for phylogenetic inference at both deep and shallow time scales. Students are free to develop their own project or work on ongoing research in the lab. All student projects can involve a mix of field work, lab work, and computing. Previous experience in any of these areas is a plus, as are excellent written and oral communication skills.
TAships and fellowships are available for PhD student funding.  Students are admitted to TAMUG through the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Marine Biology (IDP). General information about the program, as well as application deadlines, can be found here:
The Department of Marine Biology at TAMUG is home to a diverse, interdisciplinary faculty that provides instruction and training in evolution, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, anatomy, taxonomy, physiology, and the behavior and ecology of estuarine/marine flora and fauna. The department is housed in new and modern facilities with brand new lab space. It is also home to the Sea Life Facility ( ), which has phenomenal resources for live animal work and breeding.
Texas A&M University at Galveston is a special-purpose institution of higher education for undergraduate and graduate instruction in marine and maritime studies in science and for research and public service related to the general field of marine resources. The institution is under the management and control of the Board of Regents of The Texas A&M University System, with degrees offered under the name and authority of Texas A&M University at College Station.
Galveston is located on the Gulf Coast of Texas, 50 miles south of Houston. It provides easy access to field sites in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a beautiful community with over 30 miles of beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, abundant leisure activities, excellent medical facilities, and first-rate restaurants.
Interested candidates should send an email describing their motivation and research interests, along with a CV, to [email protected]
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Title Project Scientists with Greenforce
Categories Volunteer
Location Bahamas and Fiji
Job Information

Opportunities available in 2013 to be project scientists with Greenforce, a leading gap year conservation expedition programme, in Fiji and Bahamas. This would be suitable for recent graduates looking for that early career experience. As project scientist, main responsibilities include delivering a range of lectures, teaching fish, invertebrate and benthic ID, teaching survey methods and conducting various surveys underwater on the coral reef. In addition to this, there are opportunities to be involved in community projects, analyse the data collected into reports and general responsibilities to do with running the field-stations. Those interested must have a degree in marine biology or related field, and be a certified scuba diver. Benefits include subsidised flights and free food and accommodation.   For more information visit and please mention where you heard of the vacancy. You can also email [email protected] or phone the office (UK) on +44 207 384 3028.

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Title list of current scholarships and fellowships
Categories Scholarship-Fellowship
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although these are not endorsed by us (never pay or provide personal info to these sites), have a look at the  following sites, they seem to maintain a very good list of scholarships and fellowships:

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