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Ms. Valentina Germani is a Legal Officer with the Division for Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea (DOALOS), where she has worked since 2001. Currently, she is the Programme Advisor of the United Nations - Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme on Human Resources Development and Advancement of the Legal Order of the World's Oceans. Previously, her assignments at the Division included working on delineation of maritime zones, in particular the continental shelf, marine environment and biological diversity, fisheries, sustainable development and capacity-building.

From 2010 to 2012 Ms. Germani was seconded to the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, where she worked as a Legal Officer dealing with compliance and the UNFCCC intergovernmental negotiating processes. Before joining the United Nations, Ms. Germani worked as a Lecturer on the LLM Programme of the University of London, where she taught International Law of the Sea and International Environmental Law at the University College of London and Queen Mary respectively.

LLM (Master Degree in Law) in Public International Law - London School of Economics and Political Science, UK, 1999
LLB (Law Degree) - Cardiff Law School, UK, 1998

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