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Mr. Mazen Adi graduated in 1997 from Damascus University School of Law. He later obtained a Master Degree in International Relations from St. John’s University Rome Campus (2004). He joined the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1998 where he worked in different departments including the International Organizations Department. Between 2000 and 2005, he worked as a diplomat at the Syrian Embassy in Rome and he was also an alternate Permanent Representative to the FAO where he participated in many meetings concerning fisheries. In 2005 he worked at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Department of International Organizations. Since 2007,
Mr. Adi has been working as a Legal Advisor at the Syrian Mission to the United Nations covering the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly. His duties include, inter alia, covering all meetings of law of the sea and all legal issues such as terrorism, rule of law, and international law.