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Maritime Delimitation
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Mr. Alsied obtained a LL.B “licence degree” in law from Tripoli University Tripoli (Libya) in 1995 and a LLM in international maritime law from IMO/IMLI International Maritime Law Institute (Malta) in 2003. Since 1996, Mr. Alsied has been a Legal Advisor in the Libyan Maritime Administration. In this capacity, he has taken part in bilateral maritime
agreement discussions, and drafting Libyan positions, with respect to cases between Libya and Tunisia (1999), Libya and Italy (2000), Libya and Chad on traffic in transit, as well as current projects with Cyprus, Germany, India, Morocco, South Africa and Turky. As a delegate of Libya, he has also participated in the work of IMO’s Legal
Committee (Sessions 88, 89,94,95 & 97), plus IMO Assembly (Session 26 ) and participated as a Libyan delegate in a seminar held in Malta for non–convention ships (2005), also meeting of integrated Maritime Policy forum for Mediterranean Countries held in Brussels 2010. He sing on behalf of Libya on Manila amendment 2010 to STCW convention. Furthermore he partake of research and study nine (9) IMO conventions which Libya has recently ratified, this number equivalent to all international
conventions administered by IMO that Libya ratified since 1970.
Since 2008 he is Director of Legal Affairs&International relations office at Libyan ports&Maritime Transport Authority. In addition to membership of adminstrative committee of the Towing,Rescue and Maritime Services company, also membership on Assembly of the Maritime Construction company.