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Tatiana is an anthropologist graduated with distinction and a master’s degree in Anthropology and Archaeology from Los Andes University (Colombia – South America). At the moment she is doing her PhD at the Development Planning Unit – University College London funded by Colciencias and Colfuturo. At the DPU she is part of the Research Cluster ‘Environmental Justice, Urbanisation and Resilience’ and the project ‘The Heuristics of Mapping Urban Environmental Chang’. The title of her dissertation is: ‘Ecobarrios’ Ethnography: Understanding the Construction Process of Place – based Eco-political Subjects through an Institutional Programme and a Local Resistance Strategy (Lombardía and Triángulo Cases, Bogotá - Colombia). Ecobarrios or barrios ecologicos is a word in Spanish that in English means ecological neighbourhoods.

Due to her experience as an academic and practitioner in Latin America she has diverse areas of interest such as: urban political ecology, anthropology and development, urban anthropology and archaeology, eco-city planning, cultural heritage and public policy at the national and city level, among others.

In 2006 Tatiana worked as cultural advisor in the Colombian Ocean Commission in the design of the National Policy for the Colombian Oceans and Coastal Zones, among other things. This document was approved in 2007 by the national government and now is a public policy. Through the design process of this policy, Tatiana guided the development of the social and cultural component, related with the sustainable development and the
maritime cultural heritage.

In 2007 she won the United Nations – Nippon Foundation Fellowship award. Her research title was “Constructing the Notion of the Maritime Cultural Heritage in the Colombian Territory: Tools for the Protection and Conservation of Fresh and Salt Aquatic Surroundings”.

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