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Towards an Integram Management of Marine Cultural Heritage in Colombia: an Action Plan for its Implementation in the Navy
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Cultural Heritage
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Maria Catalina Garcia studied Anthropology at the National University of Colombia and did an MsC in History at Los Andes University, also in Colombia. Her main work area is related to the management of maritime cultural heritage and social construction of the Ocean and the Coastal Area.
Following her work as an advisor to the Ministry of Culture became part of a group of Colombian researchers concerned with the study and protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage. Since 2001 Catalina has focused its efforts on learning the theoretical and methodological aspects related to this topic.
Through its linkage to NGOs "Fundación Terra Firme" and "Fundación Erigaie" she has developed several projects in conjunction with the Ministry of Culture, the Navy, the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History (ICANH) and the National Ocean Commission among others. These projects have been developed mainly at Colombian Caribbean and are related to the management of marine and river environments in their social, anthropological, historical and archaeological meanings, looking to develop and promote the protection of maritime cultural heritage.
Based on her experience as an anthropologist and knowing the policies governing maritime heritage, the major work that Catalina and her group carried out through the NGOs, is to advise the government on the management of maritime heritage resources and to propose links and communication routes between coastal communities, fishermen, institutional representatives and academics.
In 2001 she supported the coordination and also participated in the Course of Protection and Preservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Colombia, organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Navy's Diving School and the Oceanography Department of Naval Academy in Colombia and has the Level I specialised course offered by Nautical Archaeology Society.
With the support of UNESCO and ICUCH, Catalina has participated in underwater heritage projects in Sri Lanka and Portugal and also gave lectures in Brazil, Argentina, Santo Domingo, Jamaica and Colombia. She has written some articles and book chapters on the subject.
In 2008 she received a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Culture joined the Museum of Underwater Archaeology for two months.
2010-2111 fellow. First phase: School of Law, University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Second phase: DOALOS, NY. Research title: Towards an integral management of Maritime Cultural Heritage in Colombia: an Action Plan for its implementation in the Navy

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