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Raúl obtained the title of Lawyer from the Andres Bello Catholic University in Caracas and developed his academic background with a Master of Laws (LLM) in International Law at the London School of Economics. He has practiced International Law for many years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela, hence, has a good knowledge in this field by having negotiated several international and regional legal instruments. For example, he participated in the negotiations leading to the adoption of the Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage at UNESCO, as well as in annual informal consultations of the United Nations General Assembly on different resolutions. Raúl have also extensive experience in research, analysis and drafting in relation to legal and other fields including diplomatic and economic areas. One of his current tasks is to provide legal advice to the General-Director of Sovereignty, Limits and Boundary Issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, he participated in drafting new national legislation for the marine spaces of his country and also has been involved in negotiation of maritime boundaries with other countries in the region as well as in Regional Fisheries Management Organizations. Raúl has been a member of the delegations of High-Level Commissions with Barbados and Guyana. He has represented his country at meetings at the national, regional and international levels, including meetings in the context of the United Nations General Assembly and FAO. Raúl has also give talks at national universities on the subject of International Law. As regards other relevant activities and facts, Raúl was award a scholarship to participate in the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea-Nippon Foundation Fellowship Programme (2008-2009); participated (with award of scholarship) in the 13º Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy, Greece (2008); participated (with award of scholarship) in the first Summer Academy at the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea, Germany (2007) and was nominated by the Government of Venezuela for the Hamilton Shirley Amerasinghe Fellowship offered by the United Nations. He ranked among top three finalists (2001).

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