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Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas
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Maritime Delimitation
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Mr. Dundua graduated in 1999 from the Department of International Law and International Relations, Ivane Javakhishvili State University of Tbilsi in Georgia. He specialized in the field of International Law. Since 2000, he has been working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, in the Department of International Law, firstly as an Attaché, and subsequently as a Third Secretary. Mr. Dundua’s responsibilities include providing legal expertise in international treaties which Georgia intends to sign or ratify, and representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in seminars organized by international organizations.
At present Mr. Dundua is a head if International Treaty Division in the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. His responsibilities are to prepare drafts of the international treaties within the competence of the Ministry;Prepare legal conclusions on the legal outcomes which will arise by the entry into force or termination or suspension of the International Treaties with regard to Georgia; Prepare proposals about participation in the International treaties within the competence of the Ministry.