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Mr. Oliveira is an oceanographer who graduated in 2000 from the Center for Technological Sciences of the Earth and Sea of the University of Vale do Itajaí (Santa Catarina, Brazil).

Starting in January 2004, Mr. Oliveira worked for two years at the Directorate of Environmental Licensing of the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (IBAMA). There, he was part of the team responsible for leading the federal environmental licensing of enterprises and activities located on coastal and marine environments, mainly those related to ports operations and waterways transportation.

In January 2006, he began a career of Specialist in Regulation at the National Agency for Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ), the Brazilian regulatory agency responsible for the sectors of ports and maritime and inland waterways transportation. There, he worked for nine years in the Department of Environment, with responsibilities related to environmental subjects of ports and shipping, including port environmental management, environmental licensing, dredging works, ballast water, port reception facilities and waste management, IMO conventions and guidelines. He directly collaborated in the development of the Environmental Performance Index (IDA) for ports, which include among the attributes of its indicators the use of clean energy for port operations and, despite the absent use in Brazil, the use of onshore power supply for ships.

In January 2015, he was assigned to his current position of General-Coordinator of Environmental Management in the National Secretariat of Ports of the Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation (former Secretariat of Ports of the Brazilian Presidency). His responsibilities include, inter alia: propose and evaluate proposals of guidelines and policies related to port environmental management, support the preparation and execution of environmental studies and projects, and promote actions aimed at the licensing and environmental management of engineering projects associated with public investments in port areas (mainly dredging works).

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