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Mr. Sharveen Persand is a Project Officer at the Mauritius Oceanography Institute. He holds a B.Sc.(Hons) in Physics from the University of Mauritius and a M.Sc. in Physical Oceanography from
the University of Wales, Bangor, U.K.. The primary tasks of Mr. Persand since he joined the Mauritius Oceanography Institute, during the year 2000, have been to identify, initiate and undertake research projects in Oceanography. His main duties include the formulation, implementation and monitoring of projects and programmes for the development, management and exploitation of the EEZ of the Republic of Mauritius. Mr. Persand is very proficient in undertaking field surveys at sea and in data compilation and analysis. Mr. Persand has been part of numerous research cruises in the Indian Ocean both as scientist and observer. Mr. Persand is part of the team working on the Continental Shelf Project
with the aim of preparing a submission for the Republic of Mauritius to the United Nations under the provision of Article 76 of UNCLOS.