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Ms. L. Ylenia Randrianarisoa is currently both teacher-researcher at the University of Toliara Madagascar and governmental external adviser. She is biologist oceanographer by academic formation and she is diplomat by training and practical. She obtained her PhD in Applied Oceanology on 2006 from the Marine Sciences Institute (IHSM, Tuléar – Madagascar) – Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie de Toulouse (ENSAT, Toulouse – France), her Maritime Affairs and Law of the sea on 2007 from the Faculty of Law (Nantes, France), her Diploma on Ocean Law and Policy on 2010 from Rhodes Oceans Scholar, Greece, and her Diploma on Diplomatic and Strategic Study on 2011 from the Center of Diplomatic Study of Madagascar.
Her research articles and works have spanning a wide range of topics such as marine resources co-management, the Law of the Sea Convention implementation studies, diplomatic and strategic resolutions on biological resources uses and protection issues.
In her external governmental adviser role, she works both with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For this, she have taken part in many mediation, negotiations and resolutions concerned; She serve periodically as policy adviser on Madagascar delegation to Regional negotiations. Her current Regional expertise task is with ASCLME project for marine policy and governance assessment.