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Geographical Region
Latin American and the Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Years of Fellowship
Fields of Specialization
Fisheries and Ecosystem Protection
About / Bio
HND Food Science Technology (GCFT)
MSc Fisheries Policy (UOW)
Fisheries Division 15 yrs (Trade, Law and Policy Unit).

A very ambitious person, love my job, love the fishing industry. I enjoy and love photography too. As much as possible I try to incorporate it into my job. Not too patient at times but I will wait for hours to get that perfect photo.

I am generally a happy person and like to laugh, also I try as much as possible to make those around me comfortable and happy.

I also have a very open mind, love to travel and experience different cultures, foods and people.

I do not like to be annoyed nor insulted.
I am very straight forward and always say what's on my mind without fear of repercussion .

Have 1 son, love for him is unparalleled to any other thing/ person in my life. Love him dearly.

Am usually motivated by the importance placed on whatever I am doing and I like to complete my task 100% of the times.

Future endeavor is to complete a PHD in International Fish Trade and International Fisheries Law. I will love to work with FAO after this.

My belief is that as humans in everything we do in life, education and knowledge is vital. That is to say that, you either have knowledge of what you are doing or you learn something from it.

I like music (Jamaican dancehall and Reggae), Movies (action, Thriller, suspense, sci fi), TV shows (Game of Thrones currently my favorite). I also enjoy taking long walks whether along the beach or the city streets. Sport wise, I like contact sports MMA, wrestling, boxing.

I appreciate a good challenge in anything I do.