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West Africa and Atlantic Ocean Islands
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The practice of joint development zones by costal States in the Gulf of Guinea: local relevance and efficiency of a modern diplomatic instrument” La gouvernance de la biodiversité marine et côtiere dans le Golfe de Guinée La gouvernance de la biodiversité marine et côtiere dans le Golfe de Guinée
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Ocean Governance
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My name is Tanga Biang, I om a Cameroonian,born on September 4th 1974 in Cameroon.So I am 35 years old.Since July 2007,I have been working as desk officer at the Ministry of External Relations in Yaounde, Cameroon, precisely at the Cell in Charge of Border and Law of the See Issues of the Division for Legal Affairs and Treaties.
I have a deep interest in law of the See related issues.This interest started to loom out when I first came accross a document about the Nord See Continental Shelf Case in the International Relations Institut of Cameroon(IRIC) Library, in 2003.I had been then going through my training in international relations as a futur Cameroonian diplomate.As time came to do research work, I choose to study the causes and effects of Equatorial Guinea Intervention in the case between Cameroon and Nigeria in front of the ICJ, which had already been settled by a Court Award of October 10th 2002.Thus, my research field closely connected two fieldc,Dispute Settlement, and Maritime Delimitation in the Gulf of Guinea.Actually, that case had to deal with maritime delimitation between three countries:Cameroon, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea.
I hope to do further research on the most sounding ways of bringing long-lasting peace and development between these three neighboring States.I am deeply convinced that establishing joint development zones between them would be the best of these ways.